Food Allergy Collaborative

Launched in 2019, the Food Allergy Collaborative is an alliance of advocacy organizations, those living with food allergies, and industry partners who are uniting to advance effective, patient-centered initiatives in food allergy awareness, research and care.

Increasing Impact Though Collaboration

To create lasting, system-wide change for the food allergy community. Bringing everyone to the table ensures that we can collectively identify issues in food allergy and create a shared vision to solve them. Together, we can coordinate our efforts to maximize impact.

Save the Date

Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting

September 9, 2021

The Food Allergy Collaborative is currently preparing for a Externally-led Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meeting in September, 2021, which will provide a platform for food allergic patients to inform the FDA in understanding of the therapeutic context for drug development and evaluation in food allergy. You can stream it live on this site.

Want to tune in and stream it live? Register here.

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Our Vision

We advocate for a personalized approach to food allergy treatment, management and care for all food allergy patients around the world. We are committed to food allergy research that supports and responds to patient needs, and we insist that the treatments and diagnostics achieved through this patient-centered research must be effective, accessible and affordable. As we work to expand options for patients and families, we extend our voice beyond the food allergy community to broaden global public awareness of the realities of living with food allergy.

Key questions for the Food Allergy Collaborative to tackle include:

What are the community’s priorities and unmet needs?
How do we better understand the diversity that exists in the community?
How can we build our collective capacity to reach all segments of the food allergy community and extend beyond our current channels?